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Ideas for the final project keep going through my head. I am working with a colleague and fellow Coetailer, Karen Robb and we seem to be constantly talking about technology integration. I guess that is a great thing and the students will benefit in the end if we can continue to integrate more technology this school year.

If you read my last blog post, Plan for Course 5, you would notice that Karen and I had decided to integrate technology into our Where We Are In Place and Time unit about Ancient Civilizations with our Grade 3 Team. After reflecting on the due date of May 5th we decided to switch our focus to an earlier unit, Sharing The Planet (February 3rd – March 14th) so that we aren’t restricted by time when it comes to creating our video and reflecting on our project. It does mean that we have to get busy planning now so that our technology integration can be effectively integrated into this unit.

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Sharing The Planet:

The central idea for the unit is:  Plants provide many of the resources our planet needs to thrive.

Key Concepts:
  • Function
  • Connection
  • Responsibility
Related Concepts:
  • Resources; Responsibility
Inquiry Into:
  • What plant life needs to survive.
  • Why the planet needs plants to thrive.
  • Our responsibility towards plant life.
Teacher Questions:
  • How do plants grow and survive?
  • Why does the planet need plants to thrive?
  • What is our responsibility to plant life in the environment?
Learner Profile:
  • Balanced
  • Caring
  • Principled
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Research Skills
  • Self-Management Skills
Learner Profile: Open-minded & Knowledgeable
Attitudes: Appreciation, Enthusiasm & Empathy
Skills: Research & Social

When we were thinking of ideas for the technology component we thought back to the S.A.M.R. model and we are trying to focus on achieving Redefinition – the computer allows for the creation of new tasks that would otherwise be inconceivable without the technology.

Our idea is for students to create blogs to document their thinking and learning throughout the unit (our writing focus for this unit is Transactional Writing). We are hoping they can take pictures and make videos and upload them to their blogs. We hope students can connect with other classrooms in our grade team, or better yet, students from other countries.

Next steps:

  1. Student blogs
    1. sign up students for a blog (more information about this in my next post as we are looking into different options now)
    2. Send home information to parents
    3. Teach students how to blog, respond to blogs, upload videos and pictures
    4. Think of purposeful blog entry ideas for students
  2. Tech Coaches
    1. Continue meeting regularly with tech coaches for their input and expertise
    2. Have tech coaches address digital citizenship with our students
  3. iPads
    1. ask students without a school issued iPad to bring their own device

Spending so much time thinking about a unit is a good thing. So many ideas are generated and there is a feeling of excitement which carries over into the classroom. I am fortunate to be working with Karen, 5 other grade 3 teachers as well as 3 tech coaches. I know we can work together to integrate technology in a meaningful way. We welcome all suggestions!

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  1. February 1, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    Sounds like it is all coming together. What I love is how because of you taking COETAIL you are now changing learning for 5 other teachers as well? This is what I love about this program….it is about the learning that you go through, but more than that it’s about spreading change within grades and schools and most importantly students and what they will be able to do and create because of these projects.

    So excited!


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